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Author Topic: Time to call it a career  (Read 891 times)
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« on: October 03, 2016, 11:32:15 AM »

Hey guys -

Apologies for the lack of updates. I think it's time to call it a career on the CBL. I was really sporadic the last few seasons with actually simming on time and doing my job as a commish, and we have only 17 owners, with pretty sparse participation among them. It's been a great long run, but I just don't see the feasibility of continuining. I don't have the time or attention span to keep up with things sufficiently any longer.

You guys are the best and it's been an absolute pleasure!

Feel free to hit me up on facebook (a number of us are friends already), and if you are looking for a good league, I'd suggest Asahi2 (myself and Scott are there, not sure if anyone else is).

Joe's Savoy league is also kicking around (RCH owner) if you are looking for OOTP5, but suffers similar engagement issues.
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« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 12:16:52 PM »

Was a sophomore in college when I joined, now I'm fat and have two kids.  It was fun guys.  Go Go Iguanas!
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« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2016, 12:39:36 PM »

Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into this. I'm sad to see this end particularly since I finally made the postseason. I would have liked to seen if my team could continue their success. Having said that it, was enough effort for me just to get my lineups ready. I can't imagine what it was like running this whole thing.

I had a blast playing with you all and thanks again to our Commish.   
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« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2016, 04:08:22 PM »

Very sad to see this is happening, but I kinda saw the writing on the has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of such a great league....have made a lot of friends thru this league, and as Eric said, Asahi2 has now become my favorite league, even more than my love for CBL....only problem with Asahi2, I'm far from winning titles like I was able to with Brooklyn here in CBL's a very tough and competitive league that has moved onto OOTP17 recently and has a great group of owners....

Thanks to Eric for everything over the years....hope to compete with a lot of you guys in the future in an OOTP capacity

RIP's been a fun ride
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« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2016, 02:27:23 AM »

This was my first online baseball league and it was awesome to be a part of it.  Nothing like competing with many great owners through the years.

My daughter was 6 months old when I drafted the original Milwaukee Brewers and now she is 16 and driving.  Shocked

Thanks Eric!
(and Oscar for all the cool stuff to check out)
New England
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« Reply #5 on: October 04, 2016, 02:41:01 AM »

Thank you so much, Eric, for making the past 16 years, quite a bit more fun. It's too bad life gets in the way - a good thing, but still too bad Wink. If it were me in your shoes, the league would have folded 15 1/2 years ago. And thank you, too, Oscar, for putting in the time to run CATO and so many other things. For me, the history of the league was just as intriguing as the sims.

Thank you to everyone else for playing with me, and for making my favorite sport that much more fun. It really has been an absolute pleasure and honor.

For anyone who may want to keep in touch, I'm pretty easy to find on Facebook - Jeremy Hozinsky - there aren't many of us out there.

And now.. because it's still the most glorious moment of my CBL tenure.. An excerpt from 2014, when the playoffs were broadcast live from a chat room. Our commish, with the call...

There are fish stories, there are fairy tales, there are loves won and lost in the immortal history of our literature, but never has such a story been told. Until now.
The story of 1 man, on a mission to prove than any man can be the ultimate superstar, for however brief a moment. He was a humble man, 33 years old, struggling year after year to find a job as a pitcher in the CBL. He spent more time in the minors or on the bench in those years than he did in the comfy CBL Ballparks. But he toiled on, hoping for his 15 minutes of fame.
He debuted in 2004, protoge prospect of Dean Gordon's Unionville team. Always throwing his 99mph gas, but never able to get the elusive outs when needed. 9 starts as a rookie, a woeful 5.89 ERA despite 55k's in 36.2 IP. Got tired quickly, he could never finish what he began.
Traded in the offseason, he worked out of the pen in 2005 for STP, 38 appearances, again a blustery 5.66 ERA, on a path to early retirement.
Once again a reliever in 2006, he nearly quit the game altogether after surrendering a monstrous 101 hits in just 55 IP en route to a 7.36 ERA and 3-7 record over 61 games.
But our main toiled on. A 7.89 ERA in 2007 out of the pen, and another new team in DBF. 57 IP 105 hits later, he was termed "the unluckiest pitcher in baseball". How did he still have a job?
He didn't. Demoted in 2008, he spent just about the entire year in the minors. Just 1 IP in a September callup.
A cup of coffee in 2009 at the age of 28, just 10 games, and his first respectable stats of a 4.45 ERA in 28 IP.
2010, wrecked by injuries, DBF gives him a chance to start for half the year. 19 starts, a chance to prove he belongs. He didn't. 6.39 ERA, amazingly a 4-5 record.
2011, 4 games, 7.29 ERA...most of year in minors, traded midseason to LA, his 4th team.
2012, not cracking the LA lineup, not that he was deserving to, Mr. Mystery moved on to Canada, his 5th organization. A little light went on. Now 31, he appeared in 13 games, starting 9 and put up respectable stats in Canada's pitching friendly domain. 3-3, 2.98 ERA in 66 IP. 76K blazing away with the heater, remarkable control, and only 61 hits, was luck turning to his side? Was karma finally coming around?
Nope. 2013, A mediocre year for the Beavers. 2-5 record in 20 games (13 starts). 4.19 ERA.
It had been 10 years of major league ball. A career ERA well over 5. 18 career victories. countless minor league bus trips. 4 moves of his family. Time to hang up the spikes?
Offseason rumors of a trade floated, as usual with Mr. Mystery. But they never materialized.
2014 was here. Spring training was over. He went to the bullpen - deep in the bullpen. 25th guy off the bench in the bullpen.
2 IP in April
2 IP in May
1 appearance in June
3 games in July for a grand total of 9 IP on the season.
Canada was out of it, well under .500 well behind the powerful Cardinals in the Central.
Then something happened. Dean Gordon left the team. Former CBL Champion Jeremy took over and notified his manager to play Mr. Mystery. "I don't care what he has done, the man has never pitched over 100 innings in a season, never PLAYED a full season in the majors!!! He throws hard and throws strikes! GIVE HIM A CHANCE! PLAY HIM THE REST OF THE YEAR OR PLAY YOUR WAY TO A NEW JOB!"
8-1-2014 - That's when Bud Glanville's life changed, and the future of the Canada franchise. Glanville entered the Canada rotation on August 1st, making his 1st start against the Braves and holding them to 6 hits and 1 run over 8.2 IP. He walked no one and struck out 3 in the victory. He went home to his wife with a nice smile on his face, proud of his 1st good day in  a long long time. If only they knew what was to come.
He got his turn skipped but was back out starting on the 9th, and back to old form. 4.1 IP 11 hits 3 ER. The Beavers came back to win that day, but Bud thought for sure he had lost. Lost his job, lost his chance, lost the game he loved.
5 days later he was back on the mound. he didn't pitch great, losing the game after giving up 4 runs in 6.1 IP, but he struck out 10 and only walked 1. Nothing wrong with that.
Glanville would make 9 more starts in the regular season. He didn't lose ONE. Bud turned Canada around, took them on his back, and drove them to a division tie with St. Louis.
In his final start of the regular season against the rival cards he tossed 7.1 IP of shutout ball fanning 9 walking none and driving a dagger into the heart of Cardinals fans everywhere.
While Josh Towers got the glory for winning the 1 game playoff, Glanville got a little piece of each and every player's heart getting them there. He was their ace now, their stud. In 12 starts, 22 overall games in 2014, Bud had fielded a 6-1 record, a 1.66 ERA in 91 IP, 81 Hits allowed, just 7 walks and 84 K's. He was dominant. He was the man.
He pitched game 1 of the divisional series against Adam Wainwright and matched him step for step. The Beavers won in extra innings after both were long gone. 8 IP 3 hits 2 R 0 BB 11Ks
He faced the phenom again in deciding game 5 and Beat him, taking Canada to its 1st ever NLCS. 9 IP 9 H 3 R 0 BB 8 K's in the 10 inning win.
He took up the reigns again against USH in the NLCS, his team behind in the series 2-1, and got them even. 7 IP 2 H 0 R 2 BB 5K's
He made his 1st World Series start in game 2 against the powerful Indians. No sweat. 6.2 IP 5 H 0 R 1 BB 9 K. No Decision.
And it had come to this. Game 6 of the World Series, his club up 3 games to 2. Pitching in front of the home crowd with a chance to give them a Championship. He strode out to the mound....and it happened :
FFXGladiators: Game 6
csc5782: dammit Billy Beane
FFXGladiators: Adam Johnson vs BUD GLANVILLE
csc5782: LOL
CBLCardinals: its in the bag
FFXGladiators: in CANADA
CBLCardinals: definately
Dontcyber2: nope
CBLCardinals: break out the BEAVER BEER
csc5782: UPDATE US!
csc5782: lol
Dontcyber2: screw beavers
csc5782: BEAAAVE
FFXGladiators: oh but today is not Bud glanvilles day
FFXGladiators: CLE rocks him for 3 in the 1st
Dontcyber2: whoo hoo
FFXGladiators: Beavers scratch 1 run back 4-1 after 2 innings
csc5782: yea
csc5782: that's why it's familiar
Dontcyber2: my manager
csc5782: thanks M
FFXGladiators: Glanville looks shaken
FFXGladiators: splashes some water on his face in the dugout
csc5782: let him pitch Game 7
FFXGladiators: Manager lets him go out for the 3rd inning
Dontcyber2: who I am firing at the end of the season
FFXGladiators: Hook up again
FFXGladiators: he strikes him out
FFXGladiators: Spiro webb up
FFXGladiators: a weak pop out
FFXGladiators: Chris Wakeland
FFXGladiators: STEEEERIKE 3!!!!!!!
csc5782: that's right...  Rolen is gone
FFXGladiators: Glanville SCREAMS at the CLE dugout
CBLCardinals: =-O
csc5782: Hook takes the expensive salary
csc5782: Eric.........are you ok?
csc5782: lol
Dontcyber2: hey hey this is on public TV
FFXGladiators: CAN scrathces another run back 4-2 after 3
FFXGladiators: top 4
FFXGladiators: Valentin FANS
FFXGladiators: Martinez grounds out
FFXGladiators: SOler singles, and the pitcher walks
FFXGladiators: Glanville takes a deep breath in another jam
csc5782: NBC will reportedly fine the CBL 5M for the actions of the commissioner
Dontcyber2: come on CLEVELAND
FFXGladiators: Devlin, solo shot earlier is up
FFXGladiators: strike 3 he fans!
FFXGladiators: top 5 same score Glanville still gutting it out
FFXGladiators: Bellhorn grounds out
FFXGladiators: Hook flies out
FFXGladiators: Webb flies out....1-2-3
FFXGladiators: Beavers are rallying around their pitcher
FFXGladiators: Glanville leads off bottom 5
FFXGladiators: will the manager pinch hit?
FFXGladiators: would you?
FFXGladiators: 4-2 score
Dontcyber2: no
FFXGladiators: Glanville hits!
FFXGladiators: and DOUBLES down the line ....OH MY GOD
csc5782: lol
CBLCardinals: =-O
FFXGladiators: Antonio Perez fly ball to CF
Dontcyber2: lose you clowns
FFXGladiators: Glanville is taging up!!!
FFXGladiators: he is....
Dontcyber2: oUT
FFXGladiators: SAFE AT 3rd....
CBLCardinals: goood god
FFXGladiators: OH MY GOD
mjwebb415: man on a mission
csc5782: he's a one-man show
Dontcyber2: he is lucky
csc5782: that's the 2nd REM reference i've seen today
FFXGladiators: Lawrence singles to RF ...4-3 score as glanville crosses the plate
Dontcyber2: replay shows he was out
Dontcyber2: bad call
csc5782: lol
FFXGladiators: top 6
FFXGladiators: Glanville is exhausted now
FFXGladiators: all that running
CBLCardinals: BUT HE KEEPS GOING!!!!!!
FFXGladiators: but he still fans Wakeland
CBLCardinals: LOL
FFXGladiators: gets Valentin to fly out
FFXGladiators: and FANS raul martinez
FFXGladiators: 1-2-3
csc5782: what the GAY?
FFXGladiators: Beavers are going nuts in the dugout
FFXGladiators: WE ARE GOING TO WIN screams Bud as he leaps off the mound
FFXGladiators: bottom 6
FFXGladiators: Sam Cone lead off double
FFXGladiators: the crowd is going nuts
Dontcyber2: looks like he tripped off the mound ......not leaped
FFXGladiators: Hudson ground ball to the right side
FFXGladiators: gives himself up to advance the runner
FFXGladiators: Barchat lines a ball down the line!
FFXGladiators: RBI double! TIE GAME
csc5782: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FFXGladiators: It's insanity in Canada
FFXGladiators: Downing HBP
FFXGladiators: the crowd boos loudly
CBLCardinals: where is DEAN Gordon? Does he have a front row seat?
FFXGladiators: Downing glares at Johnson
FFXGladiators: Antonio perez base hit CF!
FFXGladiators: bases juiced as the runner holds 3rd
csc5782: Dean Gordon is reincarnated as Bud Glanville
FFXGladiators: 1 out
FFXGladiators: McLouth up
FFXGladiators: base hit RF!!!
CBLCardinals: no the 1 in avoding runs is too high for dean
CBLCardinals: heheh
FFXGladiators: 1 run scores!!!
FFXGladiators: downing holds at 3rd
csc5782: that's 11
FFXGladiators: 5-4 CAN
csc5782: we've figgured it out
csc5782: oh my god
FFXGladiators: Lawrence ground ball to 2nd
csc5782: can they do it?!?!?
FFXGladiators: going for the DP
FFXGladiators: 4...
FFXGladiators: 6...
FFXGladiators: SAFE at 1st!!!! he beat it out!
FFXGladiators: 6-4 CAN
csc5782: 6-4??!
Dontcyber2: its fixed
csc5782: go BEAVE
FFXGladiators: Ramirez lines out to end it
FFXGladiators: top 7
FFXGladiators: 6-4 CAN leads
csc5782: Oscar is gonna have to nice update to make :-)
FFXGladiators: Bud Glanville collapses going back out to the mound
FFXGladiators: he almost killed himself
mjwebb415: sniper?
FFXGladiators: Jorge Dela Rosa comes in to pitch
CBLCardinals: Bud "The Warrior" Glanville gets a standing ovation
csc5782: jesus
FFXGladiators: Dela Rosa sets em down in the top 7
Dontcyber2: Warrior not jesus
FFXGladiators: M. Barchat SAC FLY RBI bottom 7th
FFXGladiators: 7-4 CAN lead
FFXGladiators: top 8
FFXGladiators: Romero in to pitch
csc5782: wow
Dontcyber2: come on cleveland
FFXGladiators: Hook flies out
FFXGladiators: Webb singles
csc5782: patchin' to finish
csc5782: ?
FFXGladiators: Sprull Fans (PH)
FFXGladiators: Gossage in to ptich to Valentin
FFXGladiators: he walks him
FFXGladiators: 1st and 2nd 2 outs
FFXGladiators: top 8th
FFXGladiators: tying run up (martinez)
FFXGladiators: grounds out to 2nd
FFXGladiators: CAN cant score in the bottom 8th
csc5782: 3 MORE OUTS
FFXGladiators: we go top 9
FFXGladiators: 7-4 CAN lead
csc5782: can they do it?!
FFXGladiators: Glanville is the pitcher of record
FFXGladiators: in one of the most remarkable post season performances to date
CBLCardinals: ;-)
CBLCardinals: HEHEH
FFXGladiators: Livengood in to pitch
csc5782: hehheh
csc5782: Livin' Good?
FFXGladiators: Soler leads off with a fly ball to DEEP LFC
FFXGladiators: LCF
FFXGladiators: caught at the track!
FFXGladiators:  1 down!
csc5782: on my god
csc5782: lol
csc5782: 2 MORE OUTS
FFXGladiators: PH Stearns grounder back to the pitcher
FFXGladiators: 2 OUTS!!!
csc5782: 1 more
csc5782: 1 more
csc5782: 1 more
FFXGladiators: Devlin up
FFXGladiators: last chance
FFXGladiators: 3-2 pitch
FFXGladiators: BALL 4
csc5782: oooooohhhh
csc5782: so close
Dontcyber2: yes yes yes
CBLCardinals: that was a STRIKE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FFXGladiators: Bellhorn up
Dontcyber2: oh stop
FFXGladiators: crowd on its feet
FFXGladiators: 3-2 pitch
FFXGladiators: swing...and....a....
FFXGladiators: ground ball to 2b
FFXGladiators: this should be the game
FFXGladiators: Hudson up with it
csc5782: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dontcyber2: outside by 16th of an inch
FFXGladiators: HE THROWS IT AWAY!!!!!!
CBLCardinals: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
csc5782: !@?!@!#!@#!
FFXGladiators: OH MY GOD!!!
FFXGladiators: is this a bill buckner moment?
Dontcyber2: whoo hoo
Dontcyber2: NL SUCKS
FFXGladiators: runners hold
mjwebb415: please don't say that name
FFXGladiators: 1st and 2nd
mjwebb415: it hurts my Boston ears
FFXGladiators: 2 outs
FFXGladiators: tying run at the plate in the form of superstar Rene Hook
FFXGladiators: did we mention he just signed a $10.1 million extension with CLE?
csc5782: i believe so
FFXGladiators: Scott Boras agent of course
csc5782: who's Tashio's agent?
CBLCardinals: I think Canada should send BUD to the mound to RALLY THE TROOPS
FFXGladiators: here we go
FFXGladiators: Hook vs Livengood
CBLCardinals: Taisho= 20 million dollar man
FFXGladiators: 0-2 pitch
FFXGladiators: can they get Hudson off the hook?
FFXGladiators: can CAN win the series???
FFXGladiators: ground ball to SS!
csc5782: .........
csc5782: shhh
FFXGladiators: flips to 2B!
CBLCardinals: ...............................
FFXGladiators: he is out!!!
csc5782: !
CBLCardinals: omg
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
csc5782: congrats to CANADA
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
Dontcyber2: FIXED
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
FFXGladiators: CANADA WINS!!!
csc5782 has left the room.
Dontcyber2: FIXED
mjwebb415: wow
Dontcyber2: I am filling a protest
CBLCardinals: THE BEAVERS WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FFXGladiators: 7-4 final
FFXGladiators: W: Glanville L: JOhnson
Dontcyber2: thank god dean sold the team.  Mailbox would be stuffed
CBLCardinals: =-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O
FFXGladiators: Glanville is immediately named World Series and playoff MVP
CBLCardinals: no doubt!
FFXGladiators: 3-0 2.21 ERA in the postseason
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« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2016, 09:25:37 AM »

Thanks Eric, this has been an amazing league.  I don't even remember how I joined, but I'm glad I did.  Thanks for all the hard work Eric. As Eric said, Savoy is also an OOTP 5 league that has been around since 2003.  In that time we've played from 1938 to 1986.  We're currently in the World Series so it's a great time to join and we'd love any CBL owners in addition to the ones we already have.
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« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2016, 02:36:40 PM »

Thanks, Eric, for the great times and the big effort you've put in.

Thanks, Oscar, for the site, the flash and the history.

Thanks to all for making this a great league to be a part of.

A whole lot of stolen bases and runs scored since 2032.
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« Reply #8 on: October 05, 2016, 09:44:36 AM »

LOL reading that play by play jerm. Those were the days!
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« Reply #9 on: October 05, 2016, 04:46:50 PM »

Live Sims were always awesome.
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« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2016, 12:33:15 PM »

Yeah, thanks a bunch for everything. I know I tried to step up and help out but when I offered I had no idea at all how much goes on behind the scenes to run run a league like this.

It'd be awesome if some of you came to compete in HFTC at - great, great league with a ton of history. Not as active as it once was but still going very strong. I'm also in HOFFBL now, but I think a bunch of you are already in that.
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« Reply #11 on: October 11, 2016, 09:34:04 AM »

I'm in Brewers League Baseball if anyone is looking for another league.   Great active owners.  Link to forum below.
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« Reply #12 on: October 11, 2016, 04:19:38 PM »

The CBL is dead. Long live the CBL! Smiley

I'll admit that my participation has been waning recently as I've grown older and taken on more responsibilities in life. It is still amazing to think that I've been a part of something for 10 years. Eric has been a rock, Oscar has been great, and a lot of the rest of you have been along for the ride for at least as long as me. Cheers to all of you.

"Lord of the rebel fiefdom"
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« Reply #13 on: October 11, 2016, 07:32:47 PM »

I'm in Brewers League Baseball if anyone is looking for another league.   Great active owners.  Link to forum below.

what teams are open and what version of OOTP are you using in this league?
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« Reply #14 on: October 12, 2016, 09:03:21 AM »

I'm in Brewers League Baseball if anyone is looking for another league.   Great active owners.  Link to forum below.

what teams are open and what version of OOTP are you using in this league?

no teams right now and OOTP16.  Just post under the application link.  We seem to have one team open after every season.
St. Louis
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« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2016, 11:03:07 PM »

I've waited several days before posting to ensure I had everything in order one last time for the CBL. I knew this day would come at some point; I hate to see the league die, but I totally understand Eric where you are coming from.

I've been a part of the league since the very beginning, *2000*, and appreciate all your hard work, along with Oscar to keep the CBL THE top notch OOTP league for 16 real years. Let that sink in for a second....16 years some of us have known each other from a baseball league. Many may not know, but the CBL's origins came over from an even older sim league named the UCBL that was formed in the mid-late 90's using Front Page Sports baseball. I've been involved in baseball sim in some fashion (OOTP or Front Page Sports Baseball) for over twenty years, and appreciate the friendships I've formed with many of the original CBL'ers Jeremy, Casey, Eric, Oscar, Chris V, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

As many others have mentioned, as a dude that started the CBL in my 20's I'm barely hanging on to my 30's now and have grown older with all of you. College, marriage, children, and different companies along my career path have all entered my life. Characters such as Brian Jordan (AC Gamblers), Tokyo City Locust early domination, Adam Wainwright's impossible win totals (and age defining-ness...pitching like a beast in his teens!!) all the Bud Glanville's of the CBL world, and many others helped really bring a tremendous amount of fun and entertainment for us all. Jeremy brings up a GREAT time in this post we all had with the live playoff sims back in the day.

If I recall correctly that Beavers team was actually outscored on the season, yet ended up winning in all (only in baseball!!). I'll never forget making the biggest trade mistake of my life sending future HOF Spiro Webb away, or having attachments to players such as Will White, Jeff Goldbach, Jack Cust, Torii Hunter, and a whole host of others that will never grow old, and never leave my mind. Gang its been a blast...I've connected with Eric and Jeremy on Facebook and would like to connect with others to stay in touch if interested. Take care everyone, hopefully I'll see some of you soon in other leagues you are involved in!  

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